CLIF Bar Sponsorship

I’m very proud to have recently been selected to be a Sponsored CLIF Bar Ambassador. In exchange for being fueled by great CLIF products, I’ll now be helping to spread the word about CLIF and to give samples to people I meet at some of my training runs and races throughout the season.

CLIF Bar Minis

CLIF Bar Minis, perfect for on the run.

I’ve been a huge fan of CLIF products for years, having used CLIF SHOT® Energy Gels and CLIF Energy Bars in the majority of my training and racing. I’ve also recently started using CLIF Builder’s Bars as part of my recovery, post-run.

What I like most about CLIF Bar is its commitment to “a healthier, more just and sustainable food system”.

The company continually strives to reduce its environmental footprint, sourcing ingredients using fair labor practices, and to increase its purchase of organic ingredients. To date, reportedly 70 percent of the ingredients it purchases are certified organic and certified-sustainable, with a goal of increasing this to 80 percent by 2015.

Learn more about CLIF Bar & Company’s story, food philosophy, and products on their website, and if you see me at a race or training run and haven’t tried CLIF products or some of their newest flavours, let me know!