SwissPeaks Trail 360

The SwissPeaks Trail 360k is a trail running race that travels more than 360 km (224 miles) across the Swiss Alps, climbing more than 26,000 metres (87,000 feet) from Oberwald to the shores of Lake Geneva.

Runners have up to 160 hours to complete the race, refuelling at the 31 minor aid stations, with the option to sleep at any of the 6 major life bases along the way.

2019 SwissPeaks Trail 360

My goal for the 2019 edition of the race was to finish in between roughly 100-120 hours, and to sleep around 6-7 hours over the 4 to 5 day period. I would go on to finish in 19th place overall after 113 hours.

Watch the 32-minute documentary about my experience at the race on YouTube for the whole story, along with select photos below from along the way.