Partner Deals


I’ve been relying on Näak’s full line-up of products for all of my big races and adventures lately, including their Ultra Energy Drink Mix, Bars, Waffles, & new Purees. Use code JEFF15 to get 15% off to try it for yourself.


I’ve used the COROS Vertix 2 for all of my adventures and races over the past few years, including the Moab 240. The on-screen maps helped me to navigate the course and the battery lasted the entire race without having to be charged! Check out the entire COROS line, and use code PELLETIER for a free accessory with any watch purchase.


I’ve been experimenting with exogenous ketones from KetoneIQ this season and have had great results. I find it gives me better mental clarity and focus, especially late in a long race like the Moab 240. Use code JEFF to get 20% off to try it for yourself.


Get your FREE welcome kit that includes the canister, shaker, a year supply of vitamin d3k2, and 5 extra travel packs of AG1!