In the last few weeks, I finally got over the few little injuries that seemed to be plaguing me throughout Winter. My knee strain is all better and I’ve regained full strength and mobility in my right ankle.

My training went well as I built my volume throughout the month, leading up to the Diez Vista 50k coming up in April. I managed to get on course a few times, running first the front half and then the back 2/3 of the course, something that I find always helps to build confidence and to help me visualize the race which is important.

I’ve been having fun leading the North Shore Athletics Trail Running Clinic once a week which has been a great way to give back and to share some of my favourite local trails, and have also been helping coach the Peak Centre speed work clinic. I’ve of course kept up my own weekly speed work and have been fairly consistent with weekly strength training as well.

I opted out of racing this year’s CMTS Cap Crusher and just helped with the Salomon demo fleet instead which I’m sort of regretting – running the 8k last year was a great confidence boost and a way to dust off the early season cobwebs and test the fitness a little – but I didn’t want to risk pushing through an injury in case I still wasn’t feeling 100%.

Final Stats for March:

  • Distance: 303 km (up from 222 km)
  • Time-on-Feet: 41 hrs (up from 30.5)
  • Ascent: 12,254 m (up from 8,561 m)

I’m now in full taper mode, with under 2 weeks until what will be my first race of the year. I feel like I may have overtrained just a little in the last week or so, so I definitely plan on tapering hard!

It’s all about maintenance now, with lots of foam rolling and at least one massage appointment in my near future – anything I can do to avoid a repeat of my injury during last year’s Diez Vista 50k