Best Seat in Town

In my May Training Recap, I stated that my goal for June would be to simply to get back to consistent running after the injury to my peroneal tendon in early April. I’d been hiking plenty including frequent trips up the BCMC but not logging any real mileage.

I’m happy to report that I managed to do that by about the 2nd week of June, hitting 61k that week and 86k the following. My ankle is still only about 90%, but I’m definitely able to manage the inflammation as it slowly continues to get better with each day. I don’t think it’s feasible at this point to wait until I’m 100% better as I need to be logging miles again – just as long as I’m not setting myself back at all, of course.

I started the month off with a hike/run up the Sea to Summit Trail to the new Sea to Sky Gondola, was able to join my regular Tuesday night crew again, and even joined the Kneeknacker training clinics a few times (just for fun). I ran by feel instead of following a structured training program and, while I volunteered at 5 Peaks Alice Lake, I decided to hold off a few more weeks before even thinking about racing or doing any speed training until my ankle is completely better. Loops up Grouse Mountain (via Flint & Feather) continue to be a pretty regular thing.

I’m still working with my physio on some strengthening exercises and began doing some acupuncture as well with the team at Gastown Physio & Pilates who I’d highly recommend. I also had a custom orthotic made at Kintec for my Salomon Sense Ultras to help me in the short-term which was a really interesting process, complete with video gait analysis.

Final Stats for June:

  • Distance Run/Hiked: 237 km (up from 16 km)
  • Time-on-Feet: 42 hrs (up from 5 hrs)
  • Elevation Gain: 17,650 m (up from 4,200 m)
  • Cross Training: 3x strength, 60 km bike

I’ll soon be getting back to serious training as I prepare for the Trailstoke relay and 5 Peaks Cypress Mountain in late July, followed by Squamish 50k in August. I made the tough decision to drop from Cascade Crest 100 miler in August in favour of Chimera 100 in November to give myself 3 more months to make sure I can toe the line with confidence. Just glad to be back!

Good luck to everyone running the Knee Knacker this weekend! Check out my preview of the 2014 Knee Knacker Men’s race, as well as a teaser video from last year’s Knee Knacker that I edited.