My race at the Fat Dog 120 (+10) Mile didn’t go exactly as planned, but was definitely still a success. After a few well-deserved days off, I was out to test out the legs which felt surprisingly good. But the fatigue would last for several weeks, along with an insatiable hunger.

After a couple weeks of easier running, I got back to some proper training, albeit mostly on flat terrain. My last big race of the season was looming, the 7-day, 6-stage 273 km Grand to Grand Ultra, North America’s only unsupported stage race. It will be much more runnable than the mountain races I’m used to, although certainly with its own unique challenges including heat, sand, altitude, calorie deprivation, and having to carry a 20 lbs. pack with all of my food and supplies for the week.

I made a last minute decision to join a relay team with fellow Salomon athletes Yann Joseph and Brandon Crichton for the inaugural Salomon Valley to Peak. The vertical climb to Whistler Blackcomb’s Peak Chair took us through some of the best single track the area has to offer, and the race is sure to become a classic. We managed to snag 1st place overall, but I’m not entirely sure my legs (or lungs) were ready for the intensity!

Final Stats for August:

  • Distance: 370 km (same as 371 km in June)
  • Time-on-Feet: 62.5 hrs (up from 59 hrs)
  • Ascent: 13,854 m (down from 16,188 m)

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I’m about to leave for the G2G which starts on Saturday. Winning times for the 1st stage tend to be around 4.5 hours for 50k, and the pace doesn’t let up from there (even through the 50 mile stage). I may find myself feeling either completely overtrained and with nothing left in my legs, or having prepared just right to take the podium. My plan is to go out hard and try to hold on. If it’s not my week, then I’ll just relax and enjoy a few days of running through the desert through what should be some amazing views.

Live tracking on course is unfortunately not allowed, but if you’d like to follow along you can check for updates at: